Creating an RSS Feed Reader With the MEAN Stack

By Gabriel Cirtea This article is a continuation of Introduction to the MEAN Stack. The previous post covered the installation of the MEAN stack and also presented what we ended up with in terms of its directory structure, after installation. Now it’s time for some actual coding! What We’ll Be Building with MEAN Stack We […]


Using Polymer to Create Web Components

By Rey Bango Building modern web applications requires a lot of tooling. This includes preprocessors, JavaScript frameworks, testing tools and a whole lot more. And as the complexities of these apps increases, so does the breadth of tooling and services needed to manage them. Wouldn’t it be great if some things were simplified? Web Components […]


Test Code Coverage: From Myth to Reality

By Patkos Csaba There was a time when programmers were paid by the number of lines of code they wrote. They were treated as source code producing machines working in cubicles and in return they considered programming just a job that they do eight hours a day and then forget about it, for the rest […]


Securely Handling User’s Login Credentials

By Bill Morefield For most websites, you have different areas within it (home page, user profile, admin page, etc.), some of which will be public and others will need to be restricted to only certain users. You often want to uniquely identify users so you can provide customized content or to capture specific information from […]

Revisiting JavaScript Minification

By Rey Bango Lately I’ve been seeing that many developers are not minifying their JavaScript code. This process of minification, reduces the size of the HTTP request for your JavaScript, improving your website’s performance. So, let’s revisit minifying your JavaScript. In Closing about JavaScript Minification Hopefully this quick screencast on minifying your JavaScript has helped […]


Build Your Own Yeoman Generator

By Gabriel Manricks Yeoman’s generators are what give its platform flexibility, allowing you to reuse the same tool for any kind of project you may be working on, JavaScript or otherwise, and that’s before I mention the enormous library of over 400 community contributed generators. Sometimes though, you may have some specific setup that you […]