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Interview With Nicholas Zakas of Box

By Rey Bango Having people you can learn from is an essential part of being a successful developer. No amount of reading will ever fully prepare you for the ever-changing web landscape, so being able to look to seasoned and experienced mentors is vital. Nicholas Zakas is one of those people that you can look […]

Build a Complete MVC Web Site With ExpressJS

By Krasimir Tsonev At the end of this tutorial, we will have a complete web application, with a working control panel. The idea is to manage every part of the site in separate restricted areas. The layout was created in Photoshop and sliced to CSS(less) and HTML(hogan) files. Now, I’m not going to be covering […]

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Two-Factor Authentication With Duo-Security

By Rey Bango In my last article about two-factor authentication, I created a screencast that outlined how to use the Authy two-factor authentication system to easily improve the login security of your website. This time, we’re going to look at another service by Duo Security which offers a solid security API, guides, and pre-built libraries […]

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Understanding Cross-Site Request Forgery in .NET

By Bill Morefield You can only produce secure web applications by taking security into account, from the start. This requires thinking of the potential ways someone could attack your site as you create each page, form, and action. It also requires understanding the most common types of security problems and how to address them.   […]

The New IE11 F12 Tools

By Rey Bango The menus that used to line the top of the tools have been removed to provide greater clarity to the debugging interface, as well as to free up real estate to work with. In addition, the design of the debugger itself has been greatly refreshed breaking away from a Windows 7 UI-style […]

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Real-World Off-Line Data Storage

By Maciej Sopyło In many projects there comes a time when you’ll need to store some data off-line. It may be a requirement or just an improvement for your users, but you have to decide which of the available storage options you will use in your application. This article will help you choose the best […]

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Intro to Tmux

By Gabriel Cirtea One of the most widely used tools in the web development process is surely the terminal. While you are working on a project, often you find yourself in the position of using the terminal with several tabs open at once, one for launching a local web server, a second tab for managing […]