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Master Developers: Christian Heilmann

By Rey Bango

A developer evangelist fills an important role for a company. They serve as a communicator, a liason, a thoughful voice and more importantly, an integral part of the web development community. Few people encompass all of that as well as Christian Heilmann. Currently working as a principal technical evangelist at Mozilla, he’s literally written the book on developer envangelism and offers up some insightful nuggest on his work.

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Drawing With Two.js

By Andrew Burgess

Advanced graphics are a big part of the web these days, but there are a couple of different renderers in the mix. You could use canvas, of course; but SVG and WebGL are also options. In this tutorial, we’ll review a relatively new drawing library, two.js, which provides one API that does the same thing with all three of those renderers. If you’re ready, let’s check it out!

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The Fundamentals of Bash Scripting

Shell scripts are widely used in the UNIX world. They’re excellent for speeding up repetitive tasks and simplifying complex execution logic. They can be as simple as a set of commands, or they can orchestrate complex tasks. In this tutorial, we’ll learn more about the Bash scripting language by writing an example script step-by-step.

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Just Released: Laravel Testing Decoded

After months of effort, I’m proud to announce the release of my new book, Laravel Testing Decoded! It’s my hope that you won’t find a better, more approachable resource for learning the ins and outs of testing in PHP. I’ve spent years learning how to explain complicated topics in such a way so that anyone can understand. So, if learning how to properly test has been on your bucket list for a while now, maybe it’s time to finally dive in!

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Cargo-Culting in JavaScript

By James Padolsey

Cargo-cult programming is what a programmer does when he or she doesn’t know a particular language or paradigm well enough, and so ends up writing redundant and possibly harmful code. It rears its head quite often in the land of JavaScript. In this article, I explore the concept of cargo-cult programming and places to watch out for it in JavaScript.

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The Right Way to Retinafy Your Websites

By Allan Berger Making your website ready for Retina display doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you are building a new website or upgrading an existing one, this guide is designed to help you get the job done smoothly.   Make it Retina First The easiest and most time-saving way to add Retina support […]

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How to Create a PyroCMS Theme

By Zac Vineyard Like most content management systems, PyroCMS uses front-end themes. Though PyroCMS themes are built a bit differently than what you might be used to from other systems, they’re still quite easy to create. They’re so easy, in fact, that very little PHP experience is required to assemble them!   The Folder Structure […]