Sharing Polymer Components: Part 1

By Rey Bango In my last tutorial about the Polymer library, I explained how to take advantage of this great new tool to create reusable web components. The key point of the tutorial and of using components, is to help our development by: Encapsulating much of the complex code and structure Allowing developers to use […]


Creating Reusable Forms in Symfony 2

By Andrew Perkins In this video, we’ll build upon our existing knowledge of Symfony 2 to learn how to create reusable forms. We’ll learn how to create a separate form class to house our form logic, build the form in a controller and then render it to the browser, from a template. In Conclusion about […]


Migrating From 960 Grid System to ZURB Foundation

By Charlie Morris 960gs was great! When the majority of the visitors to your site used desktops with monitors at least as wide as 1024 pixels, 960gs made it dead simple to design a site in code. However, with the advent of device proliferation and media query prevalence, fixed width sites are decidedly less effective […]


Working With Templates in Symfony 2

By Andrew Perkins Today, let’s learn about Symfony 2’s Twig Templates. With Twig, you can seamlessly and painlessly integrate your PHP and HTML together, giving you a very clean looking presentation of your view code, without all the clutter of PHP tags, an overabundance of parenthesis, or semicolons. Instead, we have a simple and elegant […]


Working With Controllers in Symfony 2

By Andrew Perkins Today we’ll take a quick look at controllers from within Symfony 2. The easiest way to get started learning, is to just dive right in, see some code examples and I’ll explain everything as we proceed. If you’re ready to begin, you can press play on the video below: I hope this […]

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Working With Intl

By Raymond Camden Internationalization – something you constantly hear developers talking about but rarely actually see people using in practice – is getting a kick in the pants with the new ECMAScript Internationalization API. Currently supported in Chrome 24, Chrome for Android, Firefox 29, IE 11, and Opera 15 (sadly no Safari support), the new […]

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Getting Started With Phpspec

By Peter Suhm In this short, yet comprehensive, tutorial, we’ll have a look at behavior driven development (BDD) with phpspec. Mostly, it will be an introduction to the phpspec tool, but as we go, we’ll touch on different BDD concepts. BDD is a hot topic these days and phpspec has gained a lot of attention […]

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Don’t Forget to Cover Your Client Side!

By Jonathan Creamer By making sure that your application is tested, you are able to reduce the amount of bugs you find in your code, increase the maintainability of your application, and design well structured code. Client side unit testing presents different challenges than server side testing. When dealing with client side code, you will […]