Running WordPress on OpenShift: An Introduction

By Vinh Quốc Nguyễn OpenShift is a PaaS that allow you to run your own app for free with low resources. It offers 1GB storage and 512MB RAM, and has support for custom domains. It’s faster than Heroku, PagodaBox, and AppFog giving you SSH access to your app server, running in a separate environment. It’s […]


What Is Go?

By Nishant Modak Go is an open source programming language developed at Google and designed to help build simple reliable software systems. The core strength of Go is its concurrency mechanisms which make it simpler to write software, to exploit multi-core architectures. It’s a compiled, strongly – statically typed, concurrent and garbage-collected language. It’s a […]


A BDD Workflow With Behat and Phpspec

By Peter Suhm In this tutorial, we will have a look at two different BDD tools, Behat and phpspec, and see how they can support you in your development process. Learning BDD can be confusing. New methodology, new tools and many questions, such as “what to test?” and “which tools to use?”. I hope that […]


Deb.js: the Tiniest Debugger in the World

By Krasimir Tsonev We, as developers, write code. Now we’re not just writing, we’re also checking if the written code works. We spend a lot of time and put in much effort, ensuring that our programs do what they are supposed to do. This debugging process is often times painful. Especially if we are not […]


Rapid Website Deployment With Django, Heroku & New Relic

By David Sale Rapid development and deployment of applications is quickly becoming a requirement and goal for many projects, old and new. Fortunately, a vast array of options are springing up for developers to take advantage of in terms of deployment resources and tight integration with the programming language of your choice. Cloud deployments, where […]