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Authenticating Node.js Applications With Passport

Implementing robust authentication strategies for any application can be a daunting task and Node.js applications are no exception to this. In this tutorial, we will develop a Node.js application from scratch and use a relatively new but very popular authentication middleware – Passport to take care of our authentication concerns. Passport’s documentation describes it as […]


Accessing External APIs Using AngularJS’s Services

Aside from ability to extend HTML easily AngularJS also offers a simple way to interact with external APIs. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Services to access GitHub’s API and create a simple repository browser. Step 1: Preparation Let’s start with this basic HTML template: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>GitHub Search</title> […]

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From Beginner To Advanced in OpenCart: The Architecture

Up until this point, our previous articles focused on OpenCart’s user interface. In the articles, we discussed how to use the admin panel. Starting in this article, we’ll be understanding the OpenCart Framework which is based on MVC design pattern. If you’re familiar with Model-View-Controller (MVC), then you’ve got a head start; otherwise, don’t worry […]

Core Data from Scratch: Migrations

In the previous articles of this series, we’ve encountered an annoying issue that we need to address. Whenever we modify the data model of a Core Data application, the persistent store becomes incompatible with the data model. The result is a crash on launch, rendering the application unusable, a serious problem if this happens to […]


Setting Up User Authentication in Laravel Using Confide

Confide user authentication is part of almost every web application. Although it is common, a deeper look shows that it’s not as simple as it may seem. Remember that validation, password recovery, and email confirmation are vital to any decent authentication form. Confide is an authentication solution for Laravel made to reduce the repetitive work […]


WordPress eCommerce With Selz & Ecwid

By Sam Berson When it comes to setting up an eCommerce website, the natural tendency for most site owners is to go for a custom developed website. However, a much cheaper and easier alternative is to use WordPress. Because of the popularity of WordPress as a CMS, many leading eCommerce services and platforms now offer […]