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Introducing the New Nettuts+ Editor Team

By Joel Bankhead

As many of you may have noticed, Jeffrey Way has recently been a little quieter around here than usual. This is because he’s gradually been stepping down as Editor of Nettuts+, and handing the reigns over to our new team!

Although you’ll see some new faces at Nettuts+, Jeffrey isn’t going too far. He’s now working full-time as a Tuts+ Premium course producer, creating incredible courses and continuing to teach the latest and greatest development techniques.

We’re incredibly excited to officially introduce our new Nettuts+ editors — Rey Bango and Andrew Perkins. Read on to find out more about the team, and be sure to give them a warm welcome!


Rey Bango

Rey Bango
Rey Bango is the new Nettuts+ Editor. Rey loves the web, and loves to build for the web. His current focus is on building awareness to standards-based client-side development and helping Microsoft meet the needs of the web development community.

He’s a passionate advocate for open-source, a former member of the jQuery JavaScript project team, and frequent writer.

When he’s not working, he loves spending time with his wonderfully large family (5 kids and wife), going scuba diving, and generally wreaking havoc.

You can follow Rey on Twitter, read his blog, or read Rey’s articles and tutorials on Nettuts+.

Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins
Andrew Perkins is the new Nettuts+ Assistant Editor. He’s a talented web developer who’s passionate about the Web, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Javascript, and web frameworks in general.

He currently resides in southern California and loves to build web applications.

You can follow Andrew on Twitter.

The Future & Your Suggestions

We’re extremely excited to have both Rey and Andrew on board to take Nettuts+ into the future. There are lots of exciting new developments coming up in the next few months and Rey and Andrew are the perfect team to make Nettuts+ even better. Be sure to give them a warm welcome as Nettuts+ moves into another chapter!

We’d also love to take this opportunity to ask for your suggestions and ideas for the web dev topics you’d like to see covered over the next few months. Let us know what you’d like to see on Nettuts+, and how we can best serve your development education needs!

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