Setting Up JSHint

By Rey Bango

Regardless of the language you’re programming in, we always want to try to produce clean, concise, and correct code. This is a sign of a good programmer and it lets you know your apps are running properly. Linting helps with this by analyzing your code and highlighting common issues regarding syntax and coding conventions based on best practices

JSLint is one of the best tools for finding common JavaScript errors. So in this screencast, we’re going to take a look at how to setup the linting process within your web development workflow using a fork of JSLint called JSHint. Let the show begin:

In Conclusion about JsHint

Seeing how there weren’t many resources out there that explained how to add JSHint to your web development workflow, I hope this has helped streamline that process and made it a little easier for you to get it integrated into your projects. Happy debugging!

Source: Nettuts+

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